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If you are having technical difficulties, please use the guidelines below to troubleshoot the issue. If you are unable to resolve your problem, contact us for support or speak with your manager. If your computer is unable to meet the technical requirements below, try using another computer or internet browser.

  1.     An Active Internet Connection
  2.     Internet Browser
  3.     Cache
  4.     Javascript
  5.     Cookies
  6.     Adobe PDF Reader
  7.     Display Settings
  8.     Speakers

1. An Active Internet Connection

An active internet connection (typical dsl or cable connection) is required to view this program.

2. Internet Browser

Internet Explorer
Please ensure if you are using internet Explorer that you are using version 9 or higher. Unfortunatley, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Microsoft and it is recommended IE 8 users either upgrade or use another browser to avoid technical issues.

To check your version of Internet Explorer, click on “Help” or the question mark icon and select “About Internet Explorer”.

Other Internet Browsers

Alternatively, you can also install one of the following:

    Google Chrome


3. Cache

If you are experiencing any issues with the site, please try clearing your cache, closing your browser and then re-opening. This may help resolve any problems.
To clear your cache:

    For PC users, select "control + shift + delete" and select cache from the list. Click "clear" to clear your cache. Close your browser or refresh the page.
    For Mac users, there are different ways to clear your cache depending on your version and browser. For firefox users, select "command + shift + delete" and select cache from the list. Click "clear" to clear your cache. Close your browser or refresh the page. For safari users, select "Alt (option) + command + e" and refresh the page.

4. Javascript

Javascript must be enabled on your internet browser. To enable javascript, go to “Internet Options”. Under the “Security” tab, select “Custom Level”. Under the “Scripting” header make sure that “Active Scripting” is checked.

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5. Cookies

Cookies must be enabled. To enable cookies, select “Tools” and select “Internet Options”. On the “Privacy” Tab, change your settings to “Accept all cookies”.

6. Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF Reader must be installed on your computer to open PDF documents. To install Adobe PDF Reader, please click here.

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7. Display Settings

For best viewing results, set your computer monitor resolution to 1280 x 1024. If this is not available, the minimum resolution required for the program is 1024 x 768. To adjust your screen resolution, you may do so through your computer settings/preferences.

8. Speakers

Some modules have voiceover. Under the Training list, these modules will be indicated with a speaker icon. Speakers or headphones are required to listen to voiceovers. If you have your speakers plugged in, but do not hear any sound, make sure your speakers are turned on and turned up.